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Client: Zero Carbon Campaign

Project: Print design

I was asked by Maker Change Studio and the Zero Carbon Campaign to design this leaflet and letter, to be sent to a number of MPs, ahead of a key vote in parliament, to let them know that a certain number of their constituents had voted to introduce a tax on polluting industries in the UK. The result was to be engaging and interactive, piquing enough curiosity that it made its way onto MPs desks. The cover of the leaflet housed a letter which could be pulled out and which explained the premise of the campaign. The leaflet itself used ZCC's existing branding, showcasing testimonials from people who had signed their petition.

ZCC_Initial concepts mock-up.png
ZCC_Letter mock-up.png
ZCC Brochure Pics.png
Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 16.51.49.png
ZCC story animation copy2.gif
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